A low-cost respiratory device

for newborns and children.


The Pumani bubbleCPAP delivers a blended flow of oxygen and room air to infants in respiratory distress.


The Pumani costs less than a third of the price of other CPAP devices in the global market.


Clear labels on front panel of the Pumani allow for simple use. A new user can be trained to operate the Pumani in less than one day, and a user manual and training videos are included with the system.


The Pumani consists of a flow source, a pressure source, and patient tubing. The flow comes from an air pump, and the pressure is provided by a water bottle.


The Pumani is capable of delivering flow from 5 to 10 L/min and pressure from 5-8 cm H2O. Adjusting these settings is as easy as turning a knob or filling a water bottle. The device also has the ability to blend room air with oxygen from a concentrator or oxygen tank.

Highly Effective

The Pumani provides the same therapeutic pressure as CPAP systems in the United States.


The Pumani is designed to run for years at a time, and includes a spare parts kit for simple, annual maintenance.

Pumani Parts_CE Mark.jpg


One Pumani bubbleCPAP package comes with the following items:

1    Pumani bubbleCPAP device
2    Bottle (1)
3    Inspiratory Tubing (3)
4    Expiratory Tubing (3)
5    Fish Elbows (6)
6    Hat Clips (6)
7    Tubing Clip (3)
8    Variety of Nasal Prongs (6 prongs, sizes 0-5)
9    Hats (3 hats, size small, medium, large)
10  Power Cord – UK Plug (1)
11  Spare parts kit (not shown)
12  User Manual and Repair Manual (not shown)
13  Online Training Videos and Materials (not shown)


Additional accessories can be purchased separately from the package.

Pumani means ‘breathe easy’ in Chichewa, the language of Malawi.

Pumani Clinical Study

In 2012, results of the Pumani clinical trial conducted at Queen Elizabeth Central Hospital (QECH) in Blantyre, Malawi, showed that use of the Pumani to treat neonatal respiratory distress resulted in 27% absolute improvement in survival, as compared to patients treated with oxygen therapy.

Survival Rates for Neonates with Respiratory Distress

Screen Shot 2020-06-16 at 9.54.32 AM.png

Pumani units have been distributed to over 35 countries worldwide. Learn more about Pumani’s impact here.

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