What are the aims of CUSWL?

We aim to promote the interests of women and all people in law and across the interconnected sectors. We seek to provide resources for those who are interested in legal careers as well as a Cambridge University experience. We hope to connect those who are currently practising legal professions with those who are seeking to achieve similar professional pathways, to ensure our legal future is protected and encouraged. Our 2021 theme is "Law and Tech" where we aim to discuss the impact of technology on law and the future landscape of the legal sector.

Who can I talk to about careers?

Our careers team is headed by Ginevra Bizzarri, however, all of the committee are open to queries so feel free to drop us an email or ask a question in the Contact section of the website. We are open to answering questions about Cambridge, applying for training contracts or vacation schemes and aim to provide useful firm-specific resources as well. We have a number of specific roles including Noelle Panlilio who is our LLM Representative.

Is it possible to write articles for the society?

Yes! We have a blog section in our website and are always interested in providing a platform for others to write and think about the impact of law in their lives and careers. If you'd like to write for us please get in touch. We are also currently running a writing competition in line with our 2021 theme of "Law and Tech" (details found on our Facebook page).

Who can I talk to about applying to Cambridge?

Please feel free to drop us an email or leave a note in the Contact section and we will answer any of your questions about applying either as an undergrad or a post grad as we have a mix of committee members who have all gone through the same steps as you. We are also active on our socials such as Instagram and Facebook if you would like to chat more informally. One of our 2021 aims is to widen our network and offer mentoring to enable greater access to and understanding of the application process.