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A simple, low-cost product that improves accurate dosing of liquid medications.

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The Innovation

The DoseRight Syringe Clip is a small plastic clip that fits into the barrel of an oral dosing syringe. It serves as a guide to assist the caregiver in delivering an accurate dose of liquid medication.  Delivering the accurate dose of medication is critical to ensure proper treatment and prevent viral resistance. A range of medications are administered in liquid form, including Anti-Retroviral medications (ARVs) for HIV-positive infants and children. In regions where HIV/AIDS rates are highest and education rates are low, caregivers may lack literacy and numeracy skills and therefore struggle to administer the correct dosages of ARVs. DoseRight Syringe Clips makes it easy to deliver the accurate dose.  

Easy to use

No special training required, easy to use regardless of literacy level, visual acuity, or manual dexterity

Can be reused for the same dosage amount given to the same patient


Studies show use improves dosing accuracy


with Becton- Dickinson™ Brand, 5mL Oral Syringe (syringe sold separately)


Dosage Volumes

0.5mL to 5.0mL (every half mL)

Clips Per Bag

20 of the given size


Becton-Dickinson™ Brand, 5mL Oral Syringe.


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