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A continuous temperature monitor that brings focus to babies who are cold with a large display that can be seen across the ward.


The Innovation

Celsi Monitor is a continuous temperature monitoring device made for challenging environments. It is used to monitor temperature of newborns and alert busy health professionals, so they can immediately attend to and improve the chance of newborn survival from hypothermia or hyperthermia.  Its intuitive design makes it easy to use with confidence for all staff experience levels. The Celsi Monitor uses a reusable skin temperature probe that is compatible with standard adhesive probe cover or the proprietary reusable Celsi belt. 

High Quality
Actionable Data

Clinical-grade continuous monitoring in a rugged and portable device

Alarms allow for quick identification of hypothermic or hyperthermic temperature, large numeric display makes it easy to read temperature from across the room, simple and intuitive indicators inform user of device status

Flexible Power

Works with AC mains and rechargeable battery (for 12-24 hours) 

Rugged Design

Strong external casing built to withstand drops onto a hard surface


Mode of Operation

Direct, Continuous




25°C to 43.9°C



Measurement Refresh Rate

10 seconds


Audio and Visual


LCD, 73mm (diagonal)


AC 100-240V, 50/60Hz, 0.7A

Regulatory Compliance


Rechargeable Battery

Use Duration: 12 hours (when alarm is continuously active).

FDA Cleared


Celsi Belt & Probe Kit

Interested in purchasing Celsi Monitor?

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